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Release of Cheetah3D 3.5

26. Oct. 2006

Cheetah3D 3.5 has been released today. Version 3.5 is mainly a bug fix release since all the big changes were done under the hood. For example the parameter system of Cheetah3D has been completely rewritten.
Cheetah3D 3.5 now also handles expression tags (Target, Spline Tracking) more intelligent. You can now define a priority in these tags which tells Cheetah3D in which order these tags have to be executed.
The Cheetah3D native .jas file format has been improved and extended too. .jas files with animation data have smaller size now and support the new parameter system. But please consider that v3.4 can't load animation data saved with v3.5.
Major changes since the last update:
  • completely rewritten parameter system
  • Added priority property to "spline tracking" and "target" tag
  • Added loading of PSD textures
  • Improved .jas file format. Animation files have smaller size and support new parameter system
  • Set antialiasing default to 4x for second pass
  • Added animation hot keys
    • First Frame
    • Prev Frame
    • Stop/Play Animation
    • Record Key
    • Record Key For All Parameters
    • Next Frame
    • Last Frame
  • Added "Show Render Manager" hot key
  • Added "frames per second" property of FBX exporter
  • Added "addParameterSelector()" Javascript function
  • Automatically creates these folders (use these folders to store your custom scripts)
    • ~/Library/Application Support/Cheetah3D/Brushes
    • ~/Library/Application Support/Cheetah3D/scripts/Macro
    • ~/Library/Application Support/Cheetah3D/scripts/Polygonobj
    • ~/Library/Application Support/Cheetah3D/scripts/Splineobj
    • ~/Library/Application Support/Cheetah3D/scripts/Tag
    • ~/Library/Application Support/Cheetah3D/scripts/Tool
  • Fixed " cutOffAngle" typo to "cutOffAngle"
  • Fixed bug in .lwo loader (mirrored at XY plane)
  • Fixed bug in .3ds loader (crash of big scenes)
  • Fixed camera import in .3ds loader
  • Fixed bug in "Equal Tangent Direction" tool
  • Fixed bug in raytracer with distant objects
  • Fixed bug with smart folders which reset animation/rendering settings
  • Fixed bug with window layout hot-keys
  • Fixed bug with blurry reflections
  • Fixed delete animation key bug (interpolation was reset to soft)
  • Fixed bug with animation key drag and drop
  • Fixed drawing problem in UVMapper Tool
  • Fixed bug in UV Editor point drawing
  • Fixed crashing bug in smart folder
  • Fixed camera selection bug in smart folder
  • Fixed crashing bug in smart folder (automatic reload during animation rendering)
  • Fixed bug in frame counter view when displaying big values
  • Fixed bug when changing animation position by clicking on timeline
  • Fixed crashing bug when rendering long animations
  • Fixed crashing bug when rendering scenes with many materials
  • Fixed bug when rendering sweeped beziere curves
  • Fixed problem of order dependence of expression tags
  • Fixed problem with loading .jpeg files
  • Fixed problem that entering frame number (timeline now jumps to new frame)
  • Fixed bug in helix spline object
  • Fixed crashing bug when rendering animations without active camera
  • Fixed bug when adding a smart folder to a scene while the animation is running
  • Fixed problem with "Umlauten" in .3ds loader
  • Fixed problem with FBX files which contain "geometric transformations"

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06. Nov. 2006Cheetah3D wins "Commended" award at MacUser Awards 2006

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