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Release of Cheetah3D 5.7

24. May. 2011

Today saw the release of Cheetah 5.7. The biggest change in this latest version is undoubtedly the completely rewritten preferences window. The new preferences window now supports a Cocoa toolbar, binding of almost 200 commands and custom Javascripts to hotkeys, customizing many of the user interface colors, and much more. Version 5.7 also extends Cheetah 3D's Collada support, by introducing the export of animations and skinned characters. Many small improvements, bug fixes and optimizations like the SSE optimized subdivision surfaces round off the new features. Cheetah3D 5.7 is a free update for all registered Cheetah3D 5.x users.

Last month we were proud the celebrate the 10th anniversary of Cheetah3D. The 10th anniversary special offer of 99$ for Cheetah3D (regularly price 149$) will end on May, 31th 2011. The free Upgrade to Cheetah3D 6.0 is, of course, also included in the 10th anniversary special offer.

Last but not least, since Jan. 6th 2011, Cheetah3D has been available to purchase via the Mac App Store.

New features in Cheetah3D 5.7:
  • Completely new Preferences window
    • Preferences window has toolbar
    • All menu commands can now be bound to hotkeys
    • Scripts can be bound to hotkeys
    • Many colors are customizable
    • Preferences window is now also accessible when no document is open
    • Many new preferences
  • Extended Collada exporter
    • Added animation export
    • Added skinning export
    • Added second UV set export
  • Added support for PFhoe Pro via. FBX files
  • Default mouse mode now supports
    • ALT + CRTL + left mouse drag for camera move
    • ALT + COMMAND + left mouse drag for camera zoom
  • Extended Target tag
    • Added offset parameter
    • Added Up-Vector parameter
    • Target tag now aims on pivot point
  • SSE optimized subdivision surfaces (25% faster)
  • Scripts can now only be installed in the "~/Library/Application Support/Cheetah3D/scripts" folder
  • Moved render history to "~/Library/Application Support/Cheetah3D/Render History"
  • Camera guidelines are now always visible
  • Rotation angle is displayed in status bar
  • Added "Rotation step size" property to transform tool
  • Line antialiasing is now a global preferences
  • Increased UV transform gadget selection sensitivity
  • Improved drag&drop in object browser
  • Ruler tool also support parametric objects
  • Saves absolute texture paths to FBX files
  • Changed default near clipping plane to 0.01
  • Added work around for Bamboo problems
  • Unified Play and Stop animation menu commands
  • Improved 3DS loader
  • Fixed bug in obj loader (negative indices)
  • Fixed numerical problem with Euler rotations
  • Fixed disappearing particles bug in renderer
  • Fixed background gradient drawing bug
  • Fixed non-stoppable animation bug
  • Fixed bug in transform tool (free rotate failed)
  • Fixed normal export bug in .obj exporter
  • Fixed .hdr loader bug for big textures
  • Fixed bump mapping bug
  • Fixed texture painting bug
  • Fixed bug in HSV2RGB node
  • Fixed polygon selection bug
  • Fixed bug in .obj exporter
  • Fixed IK bug which caused scaling of joints
  • Fixed bug in extrude tool
  • Fixed snapping bug to hidden polygons
  • Fixed snapping bug to invisible objects
  • Fixed normal breaks crashing bug
  • Fixed bug in shell tool
  • Fixed bug in pose tag (table view)
  • Fixed bug in morph tag
  • Fixed bug in skeleton tag
  • Fixed bug in take manager
  • Fixed bug of MAS version on case-sensitive file systems
  • Fixed auto-highlighting bug after selecting a tool form the menu
  • Fixed material adding undo bug
  • Fixed material copy&paste undo bug
  • Fixed bug when baking IK and other constraints
  • Fixed polygon selection bug
  • Fixed link bug in polygon scripts
  • Fixed import children hotkey bug
  • Fixed UV-view editing bug

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