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Release of Cheetah3D 3.0

22. Feb. 2006

This is the third full version update of Cheetah3D. One of the biggest enhancements is the new UV Editor (including the UV unwrapping tools) which allows the assignment of UV coordinates to even the most complex meshes. Version 3.0 even allows you to paint your textures inside Cheetah3D. You can choose between various pressure sensitive brushes and the basic drawing tools.

Cheetah3D 3.0 finally offers a PDF file loader, so it should no longer be a problem to import vector drawings and logos into Cheetah3D from almost any Mac OS X vector drawing application. Creating 3D logos has never been easier! The workflow has also been dramatically improved. For example, you can now assign materials to polygon selections with a simple drag and drop of the material onto the polygon selection.

As a result of a collaborative development project, Cheetah3D version 3.0 now allows you to render to the Piranesi EPix image format, in which every pixel has a depth and material value as well as a colour. Piranesi can then rapidly paint in additional textures and details such as people, furniture, or plants into your architectural renderings.

Last but not least, Cheetah3D 3.0 is now a Universal Binary. And it looks as if Cheetah3D has just been waiting for the new Intel processors to arrive! Apple's announcement that its Intel iMac would be twice as fast as the iMac G4 seems to have been an understatement; in fact, the iMac Core Duo easily beats a Dual G5 PowerMac.

A brand new copy of Cheetah3D 3.0 costs only 99 USD, while an update from version 1.x or 2.x costs just 49 USD.

Cheetah3D 3.0 requires at least Mac OS X 10.4 and 16 MByte VRAM.

The Intel version of Cheetah3D doesn't support the FBX file format yet. But it is available via Rosetta.

And many thanks to all the beta testers. Without you Cheetah3D 3.0 wouldn't be what it is. Thank you very much.
Major new features in Cheetah3D 3.0:
  • Array modifier
  • Ring modifier
  • Transform modifier
  • Rewritten Extrude object
  • Group Select Tool
UV Editor
  • Powerful UV Editor with auto highlighting of tools
  • Select, move, scale and rotate UV coordinates
  • UV Unwrapping
  • Save UV coordinates to PDF
  • Auto Seams
Texture painting
  • Paint textures, and see the results live in the 3D view
  • Live painting of height and displacement maps
  • Various Brushes (solid and texture colour)
  • Rubber, circle, line and rect tools
  • Panorama renderings
New material browser
  • Various icon sizes
  • Material search
  • Multi selection
  • Multi material drag and drop
  • Material drag and drop into the 3D view
  • Material drag and drop on polygon selections
File loader
  • PDF file loader
  • OpenEXR file loader
  • EPIX export
Many other small workflow enhancements

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