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Release of Cheetah3D 7.3 - Adds Dark Mode, glTF, PBR materials, caustics…

11. Oct. 2018

We are pleased to announce the release of Cheetah3D 7.3. The most noticeable change in v7.3 is probably the support of the macOS Mojave Dark Mode. All who waited for a dark UI theme will especially like that new feature.

The next big addition is the support of PBR shaders. PBR shaders and texture collections have become the defacto standard for creating physicaly based materials. The Falcon renderer now offers a smooth integration of PBR materials into Cheetah3D.

But that's not all. Cheetah3D 7.3 furthermore adds support for the glTF file format. glTF is shaping up to become the industry standard for 3D content deliefery to games, web and VR/AR. So Cheetah3Ds capability to create glTF/glb files opens up many new workflows.

Last but not least Falcon adds support for rendering refractive caustics. So your renderings of glass objects will now look even more realistic.

Major new features in Cheetah3D 7.3:
  • added support for the macOS Mojave Dark Mode
  • added support for PBR shaders
    • based on Disneys Principled shader
    • added support for GGX BRDF
  • added glTF exporter
    • supports glTF and glb (binary glTF) output
    • supports the following meshe attributes
      • vertex
      • normal
      • two uv sets
      • vertex color
      • vertex weights
    • supports PBR materials
      • color texture
      • AO texture
      • metalness texture
      • roughness texture
      • emissive texture
      • embedded textures
      • AO/roughness/metalness texture merging
    • supports animation export
      • Takes
      • object animation
      • skeletal animations
    • support camera export
  • added support for refractive caustics to Falcon renderer
  • added "R", "G", "B" and "A" output channels to Image material node
  • improved optimize tool (NaN vertices get deleted)
  • added support for DirectX style normal maps
  • upgraded from XCode 7.3.1 to XCode 10.0
  • transitioned from libstdcpp to libc++
    • upgraded Carve CSG library to latest version
    • upgraded Bullet physics engine (v2.79 -> v2.87)
    • upgraded OpenEXR library (v2.0 -> v2.2.1)
    • updated FBX SDK library (libstdcpp -> libc++)
    • removed dependency to BOOST library
  • removed all OpenCL code
  • repaced lots of OpenGL code (in preparation for Metal)
  • changed specular color of default material to black
  • improved node editor (copies all possible parameter values to new shader)
  • fixed bug in node editor (fixed node position when changing shader node)
  • fixed redraw bug in node editor
  • fixed .h export problem
  • fixed bug in material preview of state node
  • fixed crashing bug in material import (failed to properly connect nodes)
  • fixed bug in photon mapping
  • fixed object selection bug
  • fixed bug in node editor (displayed broken connections)
  • fixed bug in "Add node" menu
  • fixed material delete bug
  • fixed bug in glass shader (invisible area lights)
  • fixed bug in .jas importer (problem with v6.x skylights)
  • fixed bug in .jas importer (converting v6.x point lights with radius to sphereical areas lights could fail)
  • fixed bug in shadow mat (blocked glossy reflections)
  • fixed bug when copy&pasting objects (take manager didn't update)
  • fixed bug in glass shader (appearing in Falcon with very low roughness values)
  • fixed bug in particle mesh (particle alignment problem)
  • fixed bug in SVG import
  • fixed bug in gadget tool (problem with algning too (0,0,0))
  • fixed crashing bug in scalpel tool


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