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Release of Cheetah3D 6.2 - Adds support for ABF unwrapping

30. Jan. 2013

Today sees the release of Cheetah 6.2. The biggest change in v6.2 is, without a doubt, the addition of ABF unwrapping (Angle Based Flattening). This new unwrapping algorithm offers considerably improved results (less stretching and overlap) compared to LSCM unwrapping, which Cheetah3D has traditionally used. However, the old LSCM unwrapping algorithm has also been considerably improved and now offers higher numerical accuracy. Cheetah3D 6.2 therefore now supports the two most popular UV-unwrapping algorithms.

The next big improvement has been in the Ring- and Loop-selection tools. They have been completely rewritten and now offer auto-highlighting, support for partial edge loops and rings, they are much faster, they also work in point mode and, last but not least, they also offer support for border loops. Now, working with edge loops/rings is much easier than before, considerably speeding modelling workflow.

Major new features in Cheetah3D 6.2:
  • Added ABF unwrapping
  • Added support for "Spline IK"
  • Added "Split joint" tool
  • Added "3D View - Single/Quad" hotkey
  • Added "Unwrap UV with ABF" hotkey
  • Completely rewritten loop selection (now with auto-highlighting, partial edge loops, faster, works in point mode, support for border loops)
  • Completely rewritten ring selection (now with auto-highlighting, partial rings, faster, works in point mode)
  • Improved support for Retina displays
  • Improved numerical accuracy of LSCM unwrapping
  • Improved Sweep object to maintain the profile shape through hard corners
  • Improved context menu of Material browser (Cut command was missing)
  • Improved context menu of Object browser (Cut, Copy, Paste and Make Editable )
  • Removed undersampling
  • Fixed problem when loading FBX files with Windows-style texture paths
  • Fixed bug in text object
  • Fixed dynamics bug (undesired recovery of initial state)
  • Fixed bug in Quantize tool
  • Fixed UV bug in Disc object
  • Fixed crashing bug in 3DS loader
  • Fixed bug in FCurve::valueAtTime() Javascript function
  • Fixed hidden mouse cursor bug in Transform tool
  • Fixed memory leak in Smooth modifier
  • Fixed bug when loading 16-bit PNG greyscale images
  • Fixed bug in Scene Info tool (total vertex count was missing)
  • Fixed bug in F-Curve evaluation of Boolean parameters
  • Fixed antialiasing bug (min. samples didn't work properly)
  • Fixed DOF bug
  • Fixed tool reset bug
  • Fixed bug in Ruler tool when deleting polygons
  • Fixed bug in Bridge tool
  • Fixed bug in Scalpel tool
  • Fixed bug in Attraction force
  • Fixed bug when deleting first spline segment
  • Fixed bug where linear splines snapped to tangents
  • Fixed bug in DXF exporter (flipped normals)
  • Fixed bug with Space Navigator (jumps when switching windows)
  • Fixed bug in Heat Binding tool (hung when binding very small meshes)
  • Fixed bug in Scene Info tool (spline ops were mixed up)
  • Fixed bug in PDF importer (missing boxes)
  • Fixed bug in "Select All" context menu command in 3D view
  • Fixed bug in Symmetry object (wrong drawing)
  • Fixed bug in DAE exporter (creator objects were wrongly handled)
  • Fixed bug in Transform tool (snapping in orthographic views)
  • Fixed bug in Material browser (drawing bug when editing material name)

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