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Release of Cheetah3D 5.2

20. Jan. 2010

Cheetah3D 5.2 was released today. The biggest change in Cheetah3D 5.2 is probably the new Javascript engine. Cheetah3D now uses the blazingly fast WebKit-JavascriptCore Javascipt engine, which is also used by Safari. Thanks to the JIT compiler, of the new Javascript engine the execution of custom scripts should be considerably faster now.

On the way to the 64-bit version of Cheetah3D, the FBX SDK has also been updated to the latest version (v2010.2), and the old QuickTime code has been replaced by the new QTKit framework. So Cheetah3D will be ready for 64-bit very soon (the 64bit version will be a free update for all 5.x users).

In addition to all the under-the-hood changes, Cheetah3D 5.2 also adds many work flow enhancements, from a texture preview in the properties editor to a file selector in the render manager and copy and paste support of animation keys in the timeline. Also a new normal calculation algorithm found its way into version 5.2.

Cheetah3D 5.2 will require at least Mac OS X 10.5.

New features in Cheetah3D 5.2:
  • switched to WebKit - JavascriptCore Javascript engine
  • much faster Javascript execution due to JIT compiler
  • added some new Javascript API calls
    • Vec2D::inverse()
    • Vec2D::isEqual(Vec2D a)
    • Vec3D::dot(Vec3D a)
    • Vec3D::cross(Vec3D a)
    • Vec3D::inverse()
    • Vec3D::isEqual(Vec3D a)
    • Vec4D::inverse()
    • Vec4D::isEqual(Vec4D a)
  • removed Javascript API calls
    • OS::system()
  • switched form Quicktime to QTKit framework
  • switched to latest FBX SDK Version 2010.2
  • added texture preview to properties editor
  • added copy & paste of animation keys to time line
  • added support for normal-breaks
  • added file type selector to save panel of render manager
  • added support to save .jpg files with quality setting unequal 100%
  • added "Background" color property to texture node (when using non-tiled textures)
  • added dragging delay to transform gadget
  • modifier objects are now added as children of polygon objects
  • optimized opening of files
  • floating point numbers are localized now
  • node editor always displays selected material
  • added new sky light icon (by Frank)
  • added new obj file format icon (by Frank)
  • uses higher resolution textures in the OpenGL preview
  • bevel tool now tries to maintain creases,seams and UVs
  • buttons in properties editor have consistent style and size now
  • fixed "locked rotation bug" in transform tool
  • fixed FBX pivot point export bug
  • fixed copy and paste bug in node editor
  • fixed preview rendering bug
  • fixed auto-keying bug
  • fixed UV selection bug
  • fixed node unselect bug
  • fixed node connection redraw bug
  • fixed preview recalculation bug when deleting nodes
  • fixed menu localization bug
  • fixed redraw bug in pose manager
  • fixed save panel bug (forgot last directories)
  • fixed bug in optimize tool
  • fixed redraw bug in material editor
  • fixed crashing problem during movie export of Japanese version

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