procedural Christmas Ball contest

procedural Christmas Ball contest

Hi folks!
been thinkin' about this one for a while and now I feel it's the right time to make it...
so what you have to do is one or more Xmas ball(s): no matter what you do, the only rule is use and share a 100% procedural material.
hopefully we'll have plenty of ballz to decorate a big tree and compete with the piggy thread :rolleyes:
we got some time 'till Santa comes around but I'd like to follow an old italian tradition where the Christmas tree is prepared on dec 8th... so the deadline is in a month.
Feel free to model any shape you like (attached a quick model for lazy people :tongue: )

Thanks in advance to everyone who participates...:smile:

have fun,


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Brilliant idea Alessandro, I'll definitely be having a try when I get a spare 30 mins or so! Also, to anyone reading this, if the node system is a bit alien to you this is a great opportunity to just play around with it and see what happens.
Thanks WW, Terry and Dave... nice ballz! :icon_thumbup:
I hope more will come, specially from the new users: there's nothing like playing with the node editor to start learning...
Also, I 'd like to see something from the "masters" of nodes, if possible.
I'll upload something in the next days, kind of busy 24/7 right now (work/kids) but I will find the time for a Xmas ball :smile: