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Weird -- I'm getting this error (see screenshot) using the Dec 2009 version (and Snow Leopard, obviously).


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I´m using still the version from June 2008.
With the newer version I got the same issue. So you might try the older one again.

D'oh. The problem with the earlier version is it's broken for my naming convention :)... and I think a few bugs got fixed along the way. Thanks for checking.

yes, some of my script won't work on 5.2, because prototype functions I used for debugging. :(

so, please comment out line.16 - line.26. it will work again.

/* comment out for v5.2
Vec2D.prototype.toString = function() {
	return this.u.toFixed(6) + ' ' + this.v.toFixed(6);
Vec3D.prototype.toString = function() {
	return this.x.toFixed(6) + ' ' + this.y.toFixed(6) + ' ' + this.z.toFixed(6);
Vec4D.prototype.toString = function() {
	return this.x.toFixed(6) + ' ' + this.y.toFixed(6) + ' ' + this.z.toFixed(6) + ' ' + this.w.toFixed(6);


I udated the script for 5.2, please update it. :)



tg_jp, Hiroto.
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The attached error occurs when I select the figure's root bone and then hit copy followed by paste.

The obvious use of Mirror Copy is to "flip" a pose (e.g. if you're creating a walk cycle, you start by creating one pose as a keyframe, making two evenly-spaced copies, then flipping the middle pose. But when I try to do this I get an error.

I can flip parts of the pose (e.g. copy the left arm's pose, and paste a flipped version on to the right) but this doesn't help much -- to get the desired result I need to flip each limb individually, and use a stored pose to get the unflipped data back (hard to explain... but it's not pretty).


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Before and after images.

Hmm. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Note that there is geometry mixed into the hierarchy (e.g. the pistol) -- but the problem occurs even if I remove them.


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I suppose that in your scene file, bone object's hierarchy contains a body polygon objects? if so, the script copies polygon object as mirrored, so geometry would be wrong by skelton tag.

I can add "don't copy polygon" or "no mirror" option for polygon object in hierarchy.

could you post that scene file for more info?


tg_jp, Hiroto
hi, thank you for your file.

please use 'none' parameter of "mirror plane" for that purpose ( simple parameter copy ). I added 'none' option for latest update.


tg_jp, Hiroto

Thank you :)'

... hmm it doesn't seem to do anything at all.

ah... I totally didn't get what you do with the script.

try this for it.

* copy BASE hierarchy for reference. please remove asymmetrical object ( like GUN ) from object's hierarchy before copying.
* copy parameter from reference's R-Thigh, then paste paramter to L-Thigh. do the same for anotehr 3 group ( R-Thigh, L-Shoulder, R-Shoulder ).


tg_jp, Hiroto.


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