Mirror Copy.js

Mirror Copy.js


this is Tool script for copying object symmetrically. for character bones.;)
this works for v4.0+.

please check sample movie.
sample movie (h.264 8.8Mb):http://homepage.mac.com/camelio/ch_movies/ch_20070324_mirrorCopySM.mov

UPDATED: now you can copy polygon objects.
UPDATED: fixed polygon object copying bug. 2008-06-06


UPDATED: fixed bug for 5.0. 2009-10-14
UPDATED: fixed bug for 5.2. 2010-01-21

download for 5.x -> http://www.tres-graficos.jp/blog/files/article.php?id=51

tg_jp, Hiroto.
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Heh -- I just *did* ask and was referred to this script. Does it mirror constraints?

yes. this script copy all tags ( Constraints, Handle ) with parameters.

but testing may not be enough. so if there is a bug after your testing, please let me know it.


tg_jp, Hiroto.
I can't currently use this script. I installed it and it doesn't shop up. I tried an older version I had lying around and had the same problem? Am I screwing up something or is there an incompatibility with 4.3.1?
Mmmh - works just fine here.(Tiger/Cheetah4.3.1)
Are you sure storing it at: Harddisk/User/Username/Library/Application Support/Cheetah3D/scripts/Tool/ ?


> podperson

thank you for trying this script. I checked it with Cheetah3D 4.3.1, it worked with my Mac. so, I don't know why it doesn't. any alert?

* doubleclick a file Mirror Copy.js_20070730.zip to extract it.
* place it ('Mirror Copy.js') into ~/Library/Application Support/Cheetah3D/scripts/Tool folder
* relaunch document and select 'Mirror Copy.js' from 'Tool -> Script -> Tool Script' menu.

please make sure that script file name is 'Mirror Copy.js'. '.js' extension is required for script file.


tg_jp, Hiroto.
I use leopard(10.5.1) and I had to put it in:

where all de other scripts are.

If you doesn`t find it just search for one of the other scripts that come with Cheetah3D with spotlight!
update for bug fix


I updated this script. I fixed a bug that mirror copying of polygon objects caused error with version 4.6.

if you use it, please replace it.


tg_jp, Hiroto
I'm having a lot of trouble with the copy/paste parameters function -- it produces twisted results. I don't think I had this problem before.

I modified the script to replace "L-" at the beginning of an object name with "R-" (vs. "..._copy" so "L-thigh" becomes "R-thigh") but as far as I can tell your code doesn't rely on names, so I think that the order of children in the copies has changed vs. v4.0 (the problem seems to occur if the hierarchy branches, but it sometimes occurs elsewhere).

thank you for reporting. but I cannot reproduce it, it occurs that problem with all mirror plane (x/y/z) or certain plane?
if it available, please post the file.

I already updated the script to fix parameter copy/paste bug, and add pivot copy/paste for v.5.0. if you not yet, please update it. ( few line added, so you can easily modified your customized one. I will add name conversion function for next update. ;) ).



tg_jp, Hiroto.
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I was using the latest version on the website as of two days ago. I'll see if I can dependably replicate it and post the file.
I think my file had some kind of internal corruption in it (the unique id issue again) because I ran into a bunch of problems while trying to move things around inside the hierarchy. So maybe the problem is just me.

I did come across this error though (note that the right hand has a gun in it while the left does not, which means the hierarchy is not perfectly symmetric).


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