Spline Loft Sculpture

Here's a rendering of C1d/C2a ribs and foam with the hybrid rib end pieces.
I'm going to do the same to the thin rib pieces of C2a in order to get
a better sense of where it's attachment points will be.

That will help determine if and where I need to add more hybrid elements.

I'll also make another setup with the feet removed.

Full Foam.jpg
* Unfortunately, all this is based on a basic spline construct which is invisible to all of us. It was published from GS089 to ZooHead in PM, but is not accessible to anybody else.
* Not surprisingly, hardly anybody else (apart from Frank B on Affinity Designer) contributes. A great pity, as a (possibly chaotic) mix of ideas is always superior to a single concept.

* I am quite disappointed by the procedural secrecy of a long standing and highly respected member of the C3D community. IMHO: This is not a modus operandi which should be valid in a public and democratic forum.
Hold on there Helmut, I offered to do this project for another member for free if I could do it on the forum.
He agreed with one provision: I can't share the files with the public.
* I have assumed so.
* However, this is not the purpose of a public forum.
* Nobody is forced to publish a .jas document on these pages.
* However, for an open exchange of ideas we need some basic pictorial 3D data. If such an open exchange is not required, the C3D forum is the wrong venue.
:sick: Period and end of discussion.
I have some choices here, I can stop because of one person's view, or ask if anyone
else has an opinion and put it to a vote. Of course if Martin says stop, I will stop.

So for now I'm putting the brakes on until I see what the consensus is.
* I have assumed so.
* However, this is not the purpose of a public forum.
* Nobody is forced to publish a .jas document on these pages.
* However, for an open exchange of ideas we need some basic pictorial 3D data. If such an open exchange is not required, the C3D forum is the wrong venue.
:sick: Period and end of discussion.
While seeing the files would be interesting, the thread has benefitted from a very open and detailed discussion of the tactics and techniques used, and I have learned a LOT merely by lurking and reading. I fully understand (and support) not releasing the .jas files for much the same reason I have never released files I have produced for print/illustration/web clients even as I have freely discussed the software techniques and production strategies I used with other designers as I explored the best ways to construct them (only sometimes with simplified examples).

Freely sharing knowledge and experience about the software you use isn't limited to sharing files. The community is educated just by being exposed to the process, not just techniques.

Keep up the good work, Zoo.
I suggest that you continue with this project.
I simply wanted to express my minor irritation at the secrecy.
* I did not suggest that a precise history of the design is published here in detail. Indeed, there is no need to publish a single .jas document.
* However, I do believe that a general view of the proposed sculpture would have helped many of us to follow the complex construction. I assume that many C3D users are interested in producing physical models of some tricky geometry, be it by 3D printing, by laser-cutting and assembling components or by other suitable means.

* My posting was not meant to be a critique of your process. It should be read as a suggestion for an open and democratic communication. That, after all, was the essence of the Forum Romanum.
* I apologise if my poor wording has caused any offence or any confusion.
No problem, I was confused and did not want to disappoint someone I have a lot of respect for.
I agree totally and would love to share all the files but not all situations allow that to be possible.

Maybe you can expand your view of what's correct on the
forum and maybe I could explain things better at the outset.

No offense taken.
:sick: I absolutely refuse to make any rules about anything for anybody.
:poop: Rules, particularly those made by others, should be instantly broken and thrown at the maker.
* Even assuming that I might be a :devilish: politician or a :poop: lawyer is a grave insult.

* I hereby challenge you to a duel at High Noon in the middle of Maine Street. Just in front of the saloon, so we can celebrate (or have a last drink, if perforated and snuffing it from lead poisoning).
Sorry, if I chime in.

I fully understand that someone isn't willing to show the whole concept, doesn't allow files for download and so on, especially as the project is for an art project, probably with some financial interest. And I do not see any democracy in such a thing as every project is wholly the maker's, and he or she (in this case rather "them") has an absolute right to set his own rules. So if there is some hidden part, we simply have to accept that.

Because in the end it's still interesting to see how Zoohead tackles the problem, what obstacles he has to overcome and so on. Also, an internet forum is a place to get help as was the case here.

I myself am very reluctant to show anything in galleries or such a forum, because it's plain no fun to find your own work someplace else (and it's even worse if you hear what someone has paid for it). From my own experience, therefore I'd always advise to be cautious with anything that has a meaning for the maker.

Also, well, a roman forum (and the same is true for the forum romanum), wasn't just a place to discuss political stuff. It could have been a marketplace as well (or only that), something like a court room, and if I remember correctly some relligious rites were celebrated. And the romans aren't a good example for democracy at all.

So, please, zoo, show us as much as you are able and willing to, It's interesting to see how it goes along, how it changes, and what will become of the thing. And I do hope that we will see photos of the finished, real project as soon as possible (and well, if it's not, then we have to accept that as well).

@Helmut: Please don't take any offense. It's just that I happen to respectfully disagree. And I am fully aware that your view is as vallid as mine.
Just to clarify:
* I think that I was primarily frustrated as I could not cleanly replicate some of the tricky modelling processes, having no real idea of the entire object. I was particularly curious about the interpenetrating parts (squarish tubes and curved sails) and there is no image to show that in any useful detail to recreate the geometry for experimentation.
* I also start to wonder if my opinions on intellectual property would survive a lengthy discussion. Whist I maintain my belief that art (or science or other human disciplines) should be public property, I am also aware that, next to the maker (artist, scientist, etc) there are financial contributors who have rights. I also suspect that my nexus of art and democracy may be total nonsense.

:sick: Finally and on some closer inspection: it may be possible that there are limits to my omniscience and infallibility.

* BTW: I often perceive classical music (maybe all complex music) as a shape-shifting animated geometric structure, a cluster of solids which move and morph as the composition develops. A bit like a galactic embryo developing, growing and dissipating into infinity. Unfortunately, my 3D experimentation (over quite a few years) have not resulted in any animation which is remotely true to the complexity of classical music. Only recently, focussing on chamber music / string quartets, have I made a bit of progress by being able to concentrate on the four instruments.
* Clearly, the work of Gerald / GS 089 is related to my own attempts in this area and I am particularly interested in this thread. Possibly. I interpret his work differently and according to my own concepts, but this seems a moot point of no consequence.
* How anybody reads art, be it a string quartet, a soliloquy by a Danish Prince or Picasso´s Guernica, is a profoundly private matter.
Here's a pic of the trimmed thin ribs without anything else.
I still have a few holes to make, and the foam sections.
You can see there will be three sections.

The top section will be easy, there are two rods going through and the end ribs
are duplicates of the hybrid end ribs and will be removed before installation...

Why am I explaining when I am going to illustrate it?

The more I think about the step by step process, the more I understand what the carbon rods will do.
They will control any sagging between end pieces after the feet are cut away.
And these thin ribs sections might flex too much without them.

Trimmed ribs.jpg
Here's a shot of the under side of the top thin rib section.
This is where it goes around a corner of element C1d.

Making the foam sections is a bit slow because I can't just Bridge
between the ribs, as they don't have the same number of points.

So I use Hiroto's PolygonToSpline script to make new
Splines from the ribs and it's back to the Loft Creator.

Here's a gif showing C1d with and without feet.
So far I figure we need one other Hybrid rib to help attach the small section of C2a.