Tuben für die Massen!

Wow, das nenne ich mal einen protzigen Award.:tongue: Denn könnt man auch gut in der Klempnerinnung vergeben.:smile:

Beste Grüsse


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What? No Bronze, Silver or Gold -just cheap PVC? I´m disappointed and stay with the Holy-Moly Tube Award from last year then. Nonetheless thanks!
LOL. :p


Ok, I had a talk with the award committee and they were
devastated, one of the members actually committed suicide!:frown:
It's alright though, nobody liked him anyway.

The remainder of the members authorized me to cast a gold
version, unfortunately we don't have the budget for that
so I just added some gold leaf.:wink:



frank beckmann

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Seems all that annual membership fees wen´t into the luxury funeral of the lost colleague, while the award now looks like pyrite - but I take it as it is - this time.

Frank :p

Hallo Frank,
Wahnsinn:icon_thumbup: , was für eine Präzision. Wie lange brauchst Du denn für so ein Werk?
Reicht da wirklich ein Nachmittag?
Viele Grüße
Hi Frank and Zoohead,
My German is non-existent, and I was wondering if I could also be cheeky and ask for this in English, I would like to have a go at reproducing them, it looks like great fun, especially the twist and shell modifier examples.

The one with the twist modifier looks like some sort of impeller or sci-fi style engine thingy :)
Will have a play with that later on this evening.
I had missed the bit around the co-ordinate system, which is I guess part of why I couldn't get it to work. :)