Crystal Rose (Now w/animation!)

Thanks for moving that post. :)

i try to do that to smooth the sharp edge out, but it doesnt seem to do that. the edge stays sharp, no matter how many times i subdivide.
Make sure you're in Polygon Mode (not Edge Mode). If you are, and it still doesn't work, post a screenshot of the step you're up to :)
that's really wierd, i thought i posted that right here...anyways thanks for moving it for me. I got past that step, i tihnk in a more innovative/harder way, but i finished, and it looks awesome. Great tutorial ;)
Well, glad you found it useful. =)

If you like, you could post us an image of your completed model - I'd be interested to see how it turned out, after all.
i made my rose shaped a bit differently. i do need help making it look less vibrant. its too red, and i could't really seem to make it much better. Anyways, this is coming from a person with 2 days experience with any 3d modeler. :D

Hi Maxfron,

Woah! That's pretty awesome for someone with just a few days' experience. =)

There's a couple of ways that you can fix the fact that it looks so amazingly vibrant, the easiest of which is probably to edit the Material itself. Just make it's colour a little bit more white, that's all you need to do (if you've given it a transparency colour, you should edit that first - play around with it until it looks better).

Also, increasing the brightness of the light you have in the scene will make everything look much more attractive (at least, in my mind :p ).

Finally, I'm currently preparing another tute to post here, as I said earlier - however, since that's not yet done, I would recommend that you experiment with Oversampling as well. In your Camera object, set "Oversampling Pass 2" to 4x, and see what a difference it makes in removing the rough edges of your flower - it's a good idea to always use it, because it makes things so much easier to look at.

And I'ms orry that tute isn't done yet, Martin - things are getting very busy at the moment, what with the Debating Nations coming in two weeks. I promise I'll post it soon. =)
Re: Rose Tutorial and file...?

ydesign said:
I would like to download the tutorial and file, but get a "host not found" message....? Is there a problem...?
I've already contaced the author of the tutorial. He will soon mail me the tutorial and the files so that I can host them on my webspace.

Thanks for the tutorial, I'm learning my ways into 3D modeling.
Here is my rose, the lighting, camera and render quality are not the best, I'm in the middle of a hopefully better render right now, I'll upload when finish.
(it's been rendering for almost an hour).

Sorry bout the watermark, but its auto-done in my server.
Anyway, any suggestions?
What a helpful tutorial! Thanks

I have been reading through some of the tutorials on the forum and this is the first one i've attempted. Only had cheetah 3D for about 3 days, it came free with Mac Format magazine - version 2.6.1. and if i'm honest i'd never heard of it before now. Anyway, before this turns into an autobiography, again i'd like to convey my thanks.

red glass material- translucency

great tutorial, nice renders too,

apologies if i'm preaching to the converted , but i've got a work-around to allow raytracing through the red glass material.

the main principle is to make the colour black and add the glass colour as a coloured map (jpg in this case) to the transparency .

i've attached the material settings and a test render with caustics and radiosity as an example. ( to be honest the radiosity and caustics need tweeking but the principle looks to work).




oh yeh

you probably can,

i was building from a 'slide projector' test bed model,

guess i just like over complicating things.
that'll learn me for posting late at night!