Wild and Wacky Polyhedra Modeling Contest

Wild and Wacky Polyhedra Modeling Contest

I was thinking one day about the polyhedra. Its been overlooked. I really can't think of any object that I use less. Even the Stairs are used more! Then I realized that the polyhedra deserved its own contest.
So here it is! The Wacky and Wild Polyhedra Modeling Contest!

The Rules:

1. Your model MUST be made with a polyhedra, and only a polyhedra.
2. No more then 1000 polygons.
3. All models must be submitted by the end of September 30, 2010
4. No other shapes, for example: Catmall Clark subdividing to turn it into a ball, or lowering the number of sides to six to make a box. Pyramids are allowed.
5. The Polyhedra must have a texture on it.
6. Competitors can have one or more templates.
7. All entries must be wild and wacky, No kitchen sinks made out of a polyhedra. Boring!

If you have any questions, just send me a message from my public profile!
Submitting Your Vote at the End of The Contest:
Just send a Private Message to me through my Public Profile telling me which one you like the most. I will count up the votes and declare the winner at the end.

OK! So thats about it. To get you started, here is my submission and the project file. Its called the Alien Kickball, and I'm guessing aliens kick back and kick it everytime they take a break.

Good luck!


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New rules!

1-Competitors may make one or more templates?

2-The model needs to have texture?

I have added your preposed rules to the contest. They make a lot of sense. The polyhedras wouldn't be wild and wacky if they weren't textured!


Sorry i wasn´t adestand all:redface:
Bye and sorry again:redface:
Sorry, I missed the "I have two questions" at the top of the message. :oops:
Sorry again. :redface: :oops:

Anyway, in answer to your questions, yes and yes. You are encouraged to use textures and templates. Sorry again for misunderstanding.

-- Jhhl
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