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Martin has just made this thread sticky. Well, that was easy! :) (THANKS, MARTIN!)

podperson, Martin mentioned that the list seems a tad outdated and also doesn't contain "one of the best scripts ever": Hitoro's fantastic BVH importer script.

Now that this thread is sticky, maybe we can see some more fantastic scripts posted and get any forgotten stragglers put up there too.


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Thanks Aarbron.

Maybe I should ask you to ask Martin to link the training page to my book site...

I try to keep this list up to date but it's a chore. I have a plan to provide a site for scripts and materials to be uploaded by their creators, rated, revised, etc.
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Master Lists (revision)

Suggested changes in the listing


Moving Textures (pre-5.0 only)

and the new
MatMovie.js is the brand-new replacement that works for 6.2.1 and above

Thanks for all the collections and tutorial content!


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'Speaker enclosure' script

I have one of those nice 70's Panasonic Panapet's:

and I was thinking it would be a nice exercise to start modeling a bit. The only real challenge in that would be the speaker holes. Instead of using a transparency map I would like to really cut out the holes. Boolean takes care of that nicely and when you create a bunch of circles with points and particle some tubes on there it's done.

But seeing the scripting in Cheetah3D (which documentation is a bit difficult though) I thought I could be able to automate that process.

I ended up making a script which takes a few parameters to generate a series of particle dots in a circular form. You can attach an object of choice to this particle array and use it as a boolean cut object.

There are some extra parameters for increasing particles by ring, rotation of the particle. All and all you can make all kinds of nice speaker enclosure holes now which would be a drag to do by hand.

Standard the parameters are set to the Panapet's dimensions but playing around with can get you all nice sorts of speaker-grill types.
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thanks, I just realized there are 16x9 speakers so I added a aspect-ratio parameter to the script which blends from a center circle to an oval shape.



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Hi Grit: Thanks for the addition of your script. May I see a wire frame of the disk picture image you attached? Thanks I just want to see the poly structure. :icon_thumbup:
Very nice script. I am always impressed by the creativity possible in scripts. Nicely done:):icon_thumbup:

For users: this is a PARTICLE SCRIPT and works in that folder.


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Well, I didn't save the disc test but have an image of the ball, hope it helps.

Thanks for the words on the script - even though I've seen much more spectacular things pass by from fellow Cheeta3D'ers
In the latest version I also add a ring-particle scale factor (and commented it a bit more). Now you can scale the particles gradually bigger or smaller from the inner to the outer rings.

I have a question though - What do I have to to to make the parameters editable in a keyframe? My guess is you could make some nice animations with these parameters. But I haven't found out to move the parameter values to a key value.
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Thanks for the wireframe. Booleans sure make a mess, no fault of yours. As for your question.I do very little animation so I'm no help here. Thanks again for the wireframe.


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It's a particle script: Hold down the Option key and choose Go
menu/ Library/ Application Support/ Cheetah3D /Scripts /Particle

I took that animated texture map script and hacked/modified it into "Animated Displacement". It has a decent amount of error correction and is pretty simple -- just needs to be the child of a Displacement Mod. You point the texture parameter of the mod to the first frame of a file sequence and keyframe the script instance's Frame parameter. As I like to do, I put some tips in the UI.
I'll post a tutorial soon.
There are a few odd behaviors if you're not careful, just like the original script. For example, sometimes (if you altered your project and need to "re-Activate"), you need to make sure the texture is on the right frame (or it will start the sequence with the wrong frame).
Other than that, it is really useful. If you know what you're doing, you can make near perfect animated water textures.

Here's a link to a tutorial:


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It´s already working. ;)

I should hope so. Hopefully the rest of us will be able to use v7 soon.
My umbrella comment is meant to be a joke; if I post a useful script, it'll be made useless by the official launch of v7 on the next day. Kind of a Murphy's Law superstition-type thing.