Box Modifying Contest

Flower (well mabey it's really a tree but I'm calling it a flower)

The pictures show the side view, top view, and the bottom view of the flower.

In the attached file I changed the ring modifier from 16 items down to 4 items to lower the polygon count for slower computers (at 16 items the polygon count was 1,179,648).



these renders are really nice - wow couldn't it. But we can see what great stuff Cheetah3D is if someone knows the tool - great job! Thanks.

best regards
I am submitting three examples of objects that I created recently. They are pretty simple, but I think that's OK. I already learned a lot from this.

The last image took forverer to render. I think I have some of the settings turned too high. Would someone suggest a way to reduce render time without losing much quality? I am attaching the .jas file.