Box Modifying Contest

Box Modifying Contest

Off Hairball's idea, I decided to make a little contest.

Create a box and don't change any of it's settings.
Add modifiers until you get what you want.
Only a camera and a box is allowed, no textures, lights, etc.
The size of the should be 640x480.

Here's one:

You wern't meant to change the box's settings, all you need to do is add a linear subdivision at the start of the list.

True story???
You don't have to, but you can anyways ;).

The main reason I started this context was so you could see what you can make with a six-sided box and modifiers. I want to see how complicated it gets!


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Three Cubes

Three simple ideas:
  1. Repeated iterations of linear subdivision and halftone build. You can set different numbers of iterations of the subdivs* and different amounts for the halftones for varying effect.
  2. A large linear subdiv followed by some simple deformations to produce a very elegant shape (imho).
  3. A variant on the above.
Note: * I've minimized the subdiv levels in the attached file so that it doesn't bring your computer to its knees. The rendered model had ~1.5M polygons and my Mac did not enjoy it terribly much.


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Fan Blade

This was a bit fun to create, made an engine fan blade based on the contest rules. I was half way tempted to animate it, but that would be modifing it outside the contest scope I think.