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Hey.. No real confusion.. I know Marty is manually animated.. I just want to see if the PROCESS you use will work in a VR. Then I have a starting point to learn that way of syncing since the option from Poser does not work. I realise I would need to do all the animations manually.. But, it will only be an introduction. Not heaps and heaps of them... Something like.. "Hi, welcome to my interactive Virtual Tour. You will be able to click on the links to show each.>>>" That's it.. I know there is no facial motion in Mixamo.. I just sent you the human I created. Make Human is not really what I need.. I can do all that in Poser.. And more.. I don't even want a body.. Just a head would do.. LOL.. I thought that the little yellow guy might be the way to go.. He, there is a she, has hands. I got that from DAZ studio, at the time it was free.. It can talk.. But not in a VR.. Hey.. you are busy and I am heading towards retirement so you make sure you don't spend too much time thinking about my issue.. I will try to work out the script file Hiroto sent me.. I realise I am trying to something I have soooo little skills in.. But wouldn't it be wonderful to get it working. Amazing actually.. :)
I finally got the little yellow MM to talk in Poser. BUT, it will not work saved as a FBX.. It's not all lost, IF, Simlab Composer listen to my suggestion in adding the option to import a sequence of .obj's. That way, a sequence animation can be created and a .wav file can be added after to play on start.. So many great animations can be added into a VR IF they work on making a .obj sequence import.. I just to import a sequence of PNGs into Flash many years ago.. It's was the best way to create a quality animation and the Flash CODEC would optimise to output a great video that was not too big in file size. So, I have it.. I can do it, but I just cannot do it in the FBX formate. I can, but then I have to use BONES. That's way out of my knowledge area.. I almost fell over when the little guy move his lips in Poser.. hahahah. Then my face fell off when I realise it will not work as an FBX file.. Oh well.. My brain hurts!..
So now I have my solution to create a talking character, and I can add any .wav voice and type the extra text in and add the Viseme.xml file and its done.. I can export as a .obj sequence. Now I have to try to get Simlab Composer to add the import .obj files. Unless I can find a solution to import using other software and export as a FBX.. That might work. I think Blender might do it. Not sure. Pity Cheetah didn't..
I exported my talking character as .abc file.. I then dropped it into Blender and IT WORKS. So I exported as a .FBX, but it doesn't work. Stupid FBX. So, perhaps the solution is to get the Simlab to add the import .abc.. Then its done.. But, the issue is, the files size is a little big, so perhaps that's why they do not do it.. I guess I am trying to achieve the impossible...
Lovely.. I got the video file down as much as I could to attach it, but still too big.. But here is an image.. You can see the quality is really nice..


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Hey Lydia.. I would still love to see your Marty in a VR.. Perhaps you can put him into one.. This is the link to the Composer software.. You can use the Free version to do this.. https://www.simlab-soft.com/3d-products/simlab-composer-buy.aspx We are fairly clued up with this software so we can help 100%, with achieving this.. We can even put him in for you and send you the .zim file.. Well, that's if you ever get time.. For the past two years we haven't done any 3D due to moving home and work.. All very painful.. Hate moving.. Sadly, we cannot use the Education Version of Composers from next year, due to retirement.. So it would be nice to get this Impossible idea actually working.. Many said in Simlab that a spring cannot animate in a VR, but we did it.. Eventually.!!..
Hi, welcome to my interactive Virtual Tour. You will be able to click on the links to show each.>>>" That's it..
Oh, I thought the character was supposed to explain all the animals. If it's just a short introduction, it's of course feasible to animate it manually.

Hey Lydia.. I would still love to see your Marty in a VR.. Perhaps you can put him into one.. This is the link to the Composer software.. You can use the Free version to do this..
When I have time, I'll have a look at it. But with Marty it won't look and work well anyway for the reasons I mentioned.
Heya Lydia.. That's nice of you, but no real rush.. I have sorted out how to do it, using Poser.. But that software uses ViseMe script.. I found a standard ViseMe that will work with the Yellow Guy, but its not perfect.. Many years ago there was a software that was kind of a plugin for Poser, it was called Mimic.. You can still get it but it only works with older versions of Poser.. Now Poser has a Talk-Designer, which in my opinion is rubbish in comparison to Mimic, which was AWESOME!!.. I now realise that a morphed FBX will not work, it has to be an animation based bones (IK's), which is far too involved .. The only formate that I know that will animate with the materials using morphing, is the .abc.. But Simlab will not add it.. They do not see the value in it.. Their argument is only a few people have asked for the .abc to be added. My view on this is only a few people have worked out that the .abc will work, but many others have asked if its possible to add flexible animations, such as springs or cables etc.. So, I give up.. I know the value of the .abc file but hard to convince others.. So, I am happy I finally worked it all out.. I really just wanted a single character like the little Yellow Guy to introduce features... That way only one character needed to talk.. So basically, click on an animal and the little Yellow Guy would explain what it is.. But only a few words to keep the file size down.. It was all just an idea for my little early year students to become more engage in the media.. But I retire next years so no real point in pursuing my idea.. But I would still like to see if it would have worked.. Perhaps share the ideas with other teachers..
Basic demo from mp4 to yuck gif... But you get the idea.. After the lip synch is done, the hands can be animated quite easily in Poser. Just set the key frame and add a pose.. The audio can be added once inside the VR.. Probably won't be perfect but many animations on TV are rubbish too..


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Hey Destiny, glad to hear it's working. The lip sync doesn't look so bad after all. (y) And if he now also moves his hands - or even his eyes, if that works, it will be quite nice.
:) Ye, I can make the little fellow blink too.. Give him more personality.. Mimic would have been heaps better.. I Lip Synced a Fish once, my first ever 3D lip syncing.. I almost fell of the chair when I saw the little blue fish taking so so well.. I might have the old file on DVD somewhere.. I really need to find it and see if I can get it all to work.. I need to reverse and go back to a very early Poser to use Mimic. It might be Possible with Windows.. But none of what I have done will lead to anything since the only way I can do this is ether a sequence of .obj's, which should work or the .abc file.. The issue with adding audio after is the risk of out of sequence.. Simlab will not add my suggestions so that's that.. My only real use for a 3D lip sync character was to put into a VR for my early year students, but since I am retiring at the end of next Term, my ideas will have to come to an end.. It would have been nice to see a character talking in a VR, but .... You have been amazingly helpful over the past years.. And, very supportive and encouraging.. Never negative.. I really need to use my down time from gardening next year to learn more about Cheetah.. Just for fun really.. So you will still have to put up with my crazy ideas and silly questions.. LOL!!..