Cheetah will not launch

Using Cheetah 7.33 and Mac OS Mojave. I was in the middle of rendering an animation and I went to bed with my USB-C cable a little bit pulled out. When I plugged it in the next morning my Mac crashed for some reason and after the restart I couldn't/can't get Cheetah to launch again.

Things I've tried:
Deleting Cheetah and reinstalling
Restarting my computer
Deleting every temp folder I could find
More computer restarts
When I try to launch Cheetah I now get the splash page and a spinning beachball, forever

Any advice?


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* You may want to check the disk utility (ƒolder: Applications, subƒolder Utilities) to verify the media.
* Also see the activity monitor (same utility subƒolder) to find out which of the processes hogs the CPU.
* I hope for a speedy recovery :sick:
That's really strange. Do you also have problems with other apps? Especially with apps which also use OpenGL?
A few more restarts and a disk first aid check and, without even launching C3D it seemed to have opened - so I think I'm good. I'm guessing it was something with disk permissions or something. Thanks, all!