Cheetah 3D fps drop after subdivision

Hi guys,

After completing my mesh, I rigged it for animation with joints, and everything works great.

When I add the final touch, a subdivision to my mesh, and then try to rotate a joint to watch the movement, suddenly the fps drops.

When I undo the subdivision, the fps is normal and really fast. Is this a problem with my mesh, the program or my computer?



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* Any subdivision will increase the complexity of the mesh, depending on the iterations. As a result, the performance of the editor / renderer will be affected. The fps, ie the numeric value thereof, remains as set.
* You can check the complexity of the mesh with the object-info tool.
Screenshot 2019-06-17 at 08.55.14.png

Screenshot 2019-06-17 at 08.55.43.png
I see.

I'm making a character for a game that I'm creating in Unity.

If the performance of the editor is poor when editing this mesh, does this mean that my game will also suffer fps issues because of this?

The performance gets pretty bad when animating this character. Is my mesh too many polygons etc..?

Sorry for all the questions! I'm a noobie.



frank beckmann

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23k of polys is quite low poly these days - it shouldn´t slow down in animation playback - which leads me to your system specs.
If you take the Alien walk.jas file from Help->Cheetah3d samples->Animation folder and increase the subdivision to level 3 of "body" it still play back smoothly with its 118k geometry - but level 4 will significantly slow down Cheetah3d here.

Sorry, I slightly disagree. The 21 k mesh isn't subdivided.

21300 Polys is ok in a game, but not 340 k which you'll get with the standard subdivision of 2. The use of this mesh would be possible with baked normal maps (so it still had 21k in Unity). I believe, though, that Cheetah can't do this (but somebody else may know better). And a 340 k mesh will slow down the animation in Cheetah.

But as I don't animate and don't use Unity or Unreal I can't help you further. Sorry.

frank beckmann

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But as I don't animate and don't use Unity or Unreal I can't help you further. Sorry.
Triple A Games character wear 100k tris and more + 10k for weapons/assets + textures + LOD meshes nowadays.
And a 21k quad polygon character will end as 42k triangulated mesh in a game-engine which only handles tris.

Yes, Frank, that's why I only 'slightly' disagree (you should have read the middle paragraph ...).

The problem here are not the 21 k but the 340 k he ends up with after subdivision with the standard 2 count. Like I said, with a baked normal map this wouldn't be a problem. And the 340 k are the reason why his animation slows down.

frank beckmann

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I believe the 21k are the whole game-ready mesh which will be 42k imported in Unity or other GEs.
Don´t get why you expect 340k because if he adds a level-2-subdimo he ends with 680k inside Unity not just 340k.
And where should he get the normal map from?
His screenshot shows 21 k with modifiers, yes, but also 21 k without. So I took it that he is subdividing that, probably with the default. And there was never talk of fewer polys in Cheetah.

Now, as I was talking about 21 k polys, the quads in Cheetah, I just mentioned the 340 k he gets in subdividing that (16x 21300). Not the tris, as the topic originally was Cheetah slowing down. But we agree that after an import it would be 680 k in Unity. And we certainly do agree about the 340 k in Cheetah.

About the normal map: As I said before, Cheetah can't do this, as much as I know; but the normal maps are the usual way of simulating the subdivision in a game engine. That's why I stated that I couldn't help him further, as I don't know which tools exist that could generate such a normal map (I myself just would bake it out in another app).

So the only thing we aren't agreeing is his real polycount.
There is a free tool I use to create normal maps from high res models called "Melody" from nVidia. A PC is required.

As for the polycount, it depends on the game he is trying to make and what his target hardware is. If he is sub-Ding a 21k model for his game, he is going to be seriously limiting his customer base. 21K quads alone is quite high.