Strabge reflection on the floor

Maybe someone can help me. I'm rendering a spot and a point light and getting a strange reflection on the floor in the lower right of the image. When the spot is turned off this brightness disappears. Any ideas what this is?


frank beckmann

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It seems you´re rendering with Cheetah. Please check the "Specular:+Specular size" of your parquet floor material and dimm the specularity by adjusting the color to a very dark value; black will kill it at all:

Dear Frank,

Thanks for your kind help. No, I'm rendering with Falcon. The specular color change seems not to affect the result. Any further ideas?

Captura de pantalla 2018-11-07 12.32.43.jpg
Frank, when deactivating the fresnel the effect disappears. I wan't the floor to have a polished look and the fresnel helped. I think I'll try to achieve it in another way. Any ideas?
No, and that did the trick. It was a simple default material. BTW can you point me to anything about volumetric lights in cheetah3d? can't seem to find how to achieve them (is it possible?).