Morph Problem


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I can't figure out what's going wrong. After looking at the file. I tried it too and it squashes the ball when I'm using the rotate but at the full morph it snaps back to a ball again. Maybe a bug? Hopefully someone can figure it out. Sorry to be of no help.

frank beckmann

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The morph tag will push points from position A to B in a straight line no matter if you squash, stretch or rotate a mesh. If you want to animate an object keyframe either the transform/rotation values or add a transform-modifier and keyframe transforms/rotations from there:



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:)Thanks Unc808!
The fact that you looked into the problem and confirmed things didn’t seem to work as expected is a big help.

:)Thanks Frank!
I will keyframe as you suggested.
Thanks for helping me to understand what was happening and for the suggestion for what I could do to achieve my purpose. I will tuck that information away in a safe place for future reference besides using it now.

Granny Hugs to you two:giggle:
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