Challenge — pick a Ron Cobb design and make it in C3D

I'd love to see more recent work from other C3D users but the community doesn't participate as much as I wished
I can only speak for myself. Most things i create, I don't really want to show as I use it in a project.

One of the problems with internet is, you soon enough see your work on other sites ... (happened to me quiet a lot of time, mostly with texts).


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Here's a material test I did before I messed up.

I made my subdivisions editable as a test, then I mistakenly saved.
"No problem, I'll go to my backups". Then I find out I disabled the auto
backup the last time I recorded a tutorial and forgot to turn it back on.

I can still work on the high poly version but it's slowing me down.




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Thanks Pod, I didn't realize that was one of yours, great material.

After checking the link, I really want to play with it some more.

My progress has been painfully slow, but I managed to
add a transport pod and found space for the landing gear.

I'll post a pic later.