Challenge — pick a Ron Cobb design and make it in C3D


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Interesting. To bad a lot of them don't have full orthographic views.

P.S. The owner of the company I work for is also named "Ron Cobb".


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I associate R Cobb with some of the best editorial cartoons I've seen, combining ironic political and cultural insights with real humor in precisely-drawn pictures. That was long ago, since superseded by a career designing futuristic sets and props for movies, which presumably is the reason for showing up as an inspiration for C3D practitioners.

This is the one that stuck in my memory. Thanks, Google.



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Ron Cobb was the lead production designer for Alien, Aliens, Dark Star, and The Last Starfighter; he designed several of the aliens for the original Star Wars cantina scene, designed the Delorean Time Machine in the Back to the Future movies, and was also a very good editorial cartoonist.
Definitely the challenge was for one of the wonderful vehicles, but browsing the various designs on the site I was hit by the skatch made for the alien spaceship pilots of "MY SCIENCE PROJECT" in 1985 and being a much simpler subject to modeling I chose to try to replicate it.
For the texture of the skin I started from a procedural material, I made the bake and added details in Ps.
Eyes are two simple sphere with the texture of a snake's eye.
Hdri light
Camera background - White spot from Zoohead
Falcon renders 400 samples.
Comments and suggestions are always welcome
Thanks for watching
Hope you like it


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Way to go 'WEEDO'...!!!
Very nice job!
My only comment is to possibly give it more wrinkles,
,inset the eyes a bit more, a touch less "smoothness"(a bit more angular).

All in All... fantastic!

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So much to choose from with Mr. Cobb.

I see why you chose this one, it looks great,
and your rendition make it look amazing.

Awesome alien Weedo.:icon_thumbup: His eyes remind me if sheep eyes. Sheep eyes take a bit of getting used to. He must be holding his breath though. His mouth is closed and he has no nostrils. ;)


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I've chosen the Typhoon to model.

Major problem: These are hand made sketches so the side view may not
match the top view which may not match the front view and so on.

I've got a side view and a top view and they are not the same.
So that means I can match one or the other but not both.

Look closely at where it says "UNITED STATES ARMY"
and how that panel flows to the left.

Not sure if I can finish this but I'll push on for now.



Beautiful alien, no question.

And no doubt, ZooHead's Model will be great, but ...

To use such designs is copyright infringement. I don't think there will be a problem, if the pics are just in a forum ... but ... It's not just the copyright holder that can start making problems.

Pod, if you want to use them, you need Cobb's ok. Otherwise there could be hell to pay.

If you model an existing car, for example, that's copyright infringement, too. They usually don't say much anyway, but us soon as you use their designs in any professional way, they demand that the pics are deleted. That's way in games they use often cars similiar to real ones with slightly other names. Or they pay the license for the use of the design.

On the other hand, not my problem.


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@Weedo — fabulous alien; love the skin and eyes. (And Cobb was responsible for some great alien designs, including the original ALIEN facehugger, as well as fantastic costume designs so it's not just vehicles.)

@Zoohead — I look forward to seeing your Typhoon.

@Hasdrubal — if you do it for study or practice it's "fair use". (Recall that art students are assigned to copy paintings in art galleries.) And there have been plenty of challenges here and elsewhere that suggest people produce work inspired by copyright materials, do you post such a warning on each of them?
Pod, like I said, it's not my problem, it's yours. And your trouble.

'Inspired' isn't the same as using the designs 1:1. 'Practice' and 'study' isn't the same as using models and pictures for a book.

Can you get into trouble with this concept? Yes. It's still possible that nothing will happen because nobody is interested that much. A little bit of bad luck ... So, good luck.
Thanks Martin! :cool: :tongue:
and everybody else for the comments!
Zoo keep up the work on the thypoon please..

Ps I'm working on a new robot for the gallery ;)
I hope to find some time for modelling soon
Looking great Zoohead.. have you done anything else to the model?

I feel the forum is a bit too quiet, I'd love to see more recent work from other C3D users but the community doesn't participate as much as I wished.. inspiration and motivation are always a good thing.