I cant get the simplest cube translated over, it appears in the timeline for motion 5 but appears to be invisible, any advice?

You can reply in Japanese if it too complex to answer in English and my wife can read it for me mate.


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hi, thank you for testing this script.

this script just make .motn file with Cheetah3D's camera and all objects as Animated Empty 3D Groups, have nothing visible at first. after exporting, you have to add dropzone or result movies manually in Motion. ;)


tg_jp, Hiroto
Hi Hiroto,

Thanks for the confirmation mate, I will spend some more time with your script when i have some time off.



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Help Video?

Hi can somebody please make a demonstration video or some helpful pictures because I have no idea how to use this.

I'm trying to export this is Motion 5 to add a video


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thank you for trying to use.

1. make some animated scene with Cheetah3D.
2. export .motn file with this script.
3. open this .motn file with Motion.
4. all objects and cameras in the scene will be created as layer of Motion.
5. load movie or picture to the scene as child of layer or background.
6. tweak effect or filters for the scene.
7. export result movie.

actually most work in Motion, so please check Motion tutorials for it.


tg_jp, Hiroto.