making an eye


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making an eye

In Terry G.'s cartoon head I am not sure how he made the eye. If I wanted to make a different kind of eye what ideas does anyone have to create it.


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tried that once

I´d guess he just take a ball and turn it 90° around the x-axis (red-axis)

I tried that once on another attempt getting ahead in cartoon making. Wasn't to sure what to do next. Weld it to the head I made? I think from the photo he makes it right on the head it maybe a round polygon. I'll keep playing with it. Something will occur.
I think this series is a bit more advanced of what you're trying to do but this video should give you an idea (it's not Cheetah3D but you can do exactly the same thing in c3d)

if you want to see the whole series be aware it's a different approach than Terry's one...

Eyes track cartoon eyes style, oval eyes

Hi All - I've learnt so many tips from the Forum in a short week working with C3D for the 1st time. Thought I'd share how I've adapted someone else's eye tutorial so that you get oval eyes that can track target but don't burst out the eye sockets when rotating. By using multiple BULGE and Parent Constraints.

Thank you to 'Mike Glotzkowski' eyeball tracking example which got me started.

Any tips to my POSE script problems would be much appreciated



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