transparent material with solid edges

transparent material with solid edges

Hi everybody!

My name is Alberto and I'm new in 3D modelling, and Im learning with Cheetah3D. After having made some tutorials, I found a problem when practising new things.

I want to do a building for an idea I had, and it must be semi transparent (coloured in blue) but edges must be solid. As you can imagine, think in Dark knight movie, when Batman activates "bat vision": all is blue, but he can see through the walls. Can anyone help me?

Muchas gracias
Thanks a lot
did you mean like that ?
if yes i wrote you tomorrow how it works is late night now :)


Im lokking for something like you've made. But I don't find the way...

My idea is something like this image, but textures were semitransparent, as an xray vision.


But my problem is this:


Yes! im looking for somthing like that, but I'd make the edges on black. Thank for answering, you're right: it's too late. We can continue tomorrow, many thanks.

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See you tomorrow.

frank beckmann

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Ah I see now. That is possible with a material from the "Special" section called "Membrane". You can adjust threshold, color, specularity and power.


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Wow, this is exactly what Im looking for, but I discarded the memabrane and I was thinking about more complex ways without result hehehe.

Thanks a lot
Muchas gracias