Tip of the day: for even more effects, try also the orientation effector and the particle tag... :smile:

I will try to add some examples of the script's possibilities in the next days... hopefully others will also share their results ;)

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EDIT: most recent script placed here ;-)

Hi Guys,

Whith a lot of help from Hiroto (wherefore I'm very gratefull), I managed to make a first script which replicates particles relatively...

This was my very first scripting experience, so there is most definately lots of room for improvement. Please don't hesitate to do so ;-)

I hope this script has some potential.

Kind regards,
Am I correct in assuming this is the latest up date to this script?
I overlooked this uniquely powerful script when it was posted in 2011. It does something great, calculating iterations that mimic many natural forms. The growth and scaling functions will be fun to experiment with. Thanks Filip and Hiroto.