JS Object VR Maker.js

this is super cool Hiroto! :icon_thumbup:
this time I'm not only wondering how you did it but also how did you think about it...!

2 questions:
- why does it take so long to load? (approx 2 mins for the cube on a 7Mb/s DSL)
- how do you embed it into a web page (I know, I'm almost a totally illiterate about jquery...:redface: )

thanks as usual, really a nice Xmas present for the Cheetah community


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thank you for comment.

about your questions.

> 1. that demo has 185 jpg images as each frames. a size of these files is 3MB over totally. some overhead by file count may causes so long time to load.

> 2. I am using <iframe> tag for it.

<iframe src="url/to/objectvr/" style="width:***px;height:***px;border:0;outline:0;">

tg_jp, Hiroto.
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