Robot Modeling Contest

Robot Modeling Contest

Since everybody (including me) has been making so many robots, I
felt it would be a good idea to have a Robot Modeling Contest!

1. Must be a robot.

Practically no rules.
You don't have to model a new robot for the contest, but it is nice to see fresh work.

And that's pretty much it!

-- GS
Rosey WIP

Here's my contribution to this contest. Don't know if it's cool to post WIPs, but here I go anyway:

and the reference:

If anybody has an idea of how to to do the frills (headdress, apron, etc...) would love to hear them. Splines are not easy to befriend, in my case anyway :redface:
That's it. Now it all makes sense. Must've had a brainfart. I was just working with a plane of polys, not with a extruded mass... must model now...:D

Thanks Weedo! And your bots look real good, too!:icon_thumbup: