Modeling Movies.

Hi Hiroto,
thanks for adding your great movies. It's always a great pleasure to visit your blog. Even although I can't read japanese. But just watching the images and movies is a lot of fun.

Hiroto, these movies are fantastic and a great help for all users.
Its cool to see how your approach is to some problems while modelling... it helped me a lot to simplify a few things that I struggled with.

Keep them coming!
tg_jp said:
Hi, all.

I post captured movies.
I think you did a fantastic job!
For me as an "every-day-a-little-bit-learning cheetahian" it`s nice to see your movies and learn more about cheetah 3D...

Keep on working!


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Excellent tutorials

Hi tg_jp

Your movies will really help the next generation of Cheetah 3D users get up to speed fast. Thanks for taking the time to create these.

Best regards,


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thanks for all comments. very kind.

Cheetah3D's modeling is very fun to play. there are many ways to create thousands of shape. and movie is very easy to share about that, I can't explain those things in my poor english.

regards. bye.