Sunlit Scene Challenge


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Sunlit Scene Challenge

OK, it's past due time now for another contest. This one involves creating a sunlit scene, but there's a catch. The sun, itself, will be the focus of the modeling. Yes, I said modeling.


- All modeling, lighting, and rendering must be done in Cheetah.
- Resolution must be 640x480
- You can use whatever lighting you wish (including Skylight), but the sun you model must be the main source of light.
- The scene can be anything you like! :)


4 days

As always, the winner's image and credit to them will be posted on my site at Don't think that the pros are the only winners, as we've had winning entries from just about every skill level so far. It's all about focus, effort, complexity, talent, creativity, lighting, texturing, modeling, etc. Have fun!
I was planning on running it only for a few days, but honestly, it didn't get as many entries as I thought it would. I put it on hold, as many people were just starting to play with V5. Feel free to enter. I'll hold it until the end of the week.
OK, so we've got to call this one done. I was hoping for more entries, but I feel that although the rendering Terry did was a better sun, the scene itself isn't lit at all by it...hence the title. Mr. Mumbo gets his image and credit to him posted on Thank you for posting you two. Congratulations, Mr. Mumbo!


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Sorry... was trying to get something ready but it didn't come together.
To be perfectly honest I wasn't really entering the competition, sorry Robert, I was more curious if anybody knew how to create a convincing sun. Mine looked okay for outer-space I guess but I thought someone else could have come up with something better. As far as a sunlit scene goes, well, Archies's monastery gets 10 out of 10 from me. Even though you can't see the sun. :cool: