Some hints on Blueprint Object Setup...

Some hints on Blueprint Object Setup...

...within Cheetah3d.

I highly recommend to do the preparation elsewhere and bring just square images into the blueprint object - as it will go stroke upon stroke.
As I find most blueprints were a stack of orthographic views on one sheet of "paper" it is essential to make the cropping absolut symmetrical (talking of symmetrical objects here);) .

When you just go for cropping from a larger image, you have to be aware the aspect ratios and have to adjust it in the Blueprint object properties.


Aunt Edith says: "If this all means too much work for´ya - nobody is holding you back from using one Blueprint-object per blueprint; you just need to know the size to enter into the x,y,z-properties to maintain proportions - scaling can be done right into the 3d-view accordingly!
And keep in mind your texture size don't exceeds the 2k (2048x2048px) OpenGl display limit. Otherwise interpolation will come into play."
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