Cigar Challenge

What the heck...had to come into work today and thought I'd see how long it took me to do this. Think I'll add some Displacement next. Just used simple UV textures from the web.


Nice one, Frank! Hadn't thought of that technique. Quite a cool effect and with V5, the animated textures could provide even more power to animations for something like that.:icon_thumbup:


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Quality work, as always Luke! This contest is going to be difficult to judge.

I'll be judging in about 3 days, so anyone else that wants to enter should do so by that time. Remember, the winner's render will be post on my new site. I'm still working on a user posting system, so it will enable visitors to submit news and work.

Thanks for your participation!
Ahah! Now, that's the spirit! First, I would like to thank you all for participating. I'm finishing up a web design project of my own, at the moment. I'm finally able to get back to review, in detail, what has been done here.

I can't believe how hard this is to judge, as I truly love everyone's work. Careful thought was put into each one. Although other items may have been put into the scenes to help enhance the subject of focus, the subject of the contest was/were the cigar(s). I hope you had fun working on this one, as did I.

In the end, only one can win. That winner stood out the most by thoughtful approach to texturing, lighting, and how the cigar would look at the stage of it's use. By this, I mean that the cigar was obviously in use, as there were burn marks around the edges of the outer wrapping, the smoke tint was spot on for the lighting of the scene, and the outer wrapping was cleanly applied to the curvature of the object.

Again, I liked each one of these, but the winner of this challenge is Frank.:) Congratulations, Frank...on a job well done! Treat yourself to a cigar, if you smoke. If you don't, have a bubblegum cigar instead. I'll post your image on my site along with credit to you for your work. I look forward to throwing another challenge soon.

Feel free to visit to see Frank's submission.
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