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Since we are mostly mac users we ought to take advantage of our iSights. Anybody out here hooked up?

Could get Martin on line for a video conference tutorial or roundtable discussion about Cheetah3D. I think the new version of iChat supports conferences.

What about it Martin?
iSight capable...

yup, i would do it, it would be fun, and nice to to see some faces associated with these word s words words...!!! but i as i will no longer be online tonight, send an email, and i will retunr the mail with my iChat identity...

bit of a bugger for those of us who don't have iSights... the missus is already peeved at all this CAD... SU... and now Cheetah stuff... !!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

but I assume that even without the iSight one can watch the conference... is that right...??