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Hello All,
I haven't been on here in such a long time but I know one of you guys will def have an answer. I am looking to basically just have this product spin.
I never really learned any of the animation stuff here in Cheetah and hoping someone can help me? Looking forward to learning how to do this.

Thank you guys in advance!

PS- I tried uploading the file but keep getting message it's too large at only 647KB! Did you compress/zip the file first?

If so you may just have to make it smaller.
Try removing any image based materials.

In the mean time open the animation timeline:
1- Select the object
2- Select only the Rotation icon on the timeline
3- Click the Record button on the timeline
This will place the first keyframes for xyz=zero rotation

4- Move the timeline ahead
5- Rotate the object to 360 or whatever.
6- Click Record again
7- Rewind and play
* For rotating an object there are basically two options:
1 As described, by ZooHead in #2: rotate the object by ? degrees, generally on the vertical Y-axis.
2 As an alternative you can move the camera on a circular path around the entire scene. The camera needs to be spline-tracked and targeted on some central feature.

* Both methods are demonstrated in the attached .jas document.
Screenshot 2023-03-30 at 07.52.51.png


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Great! Thank you guys so much. Now how do I render the animation so the background is not black and I'd like to use on the internet, so what do I do next to save for this use? I looked all in the manual but couldn't really find much. You guys are SO MUCH help always and I really appreciate it.

* The background colour can be selected from the colour-picker in the properties panel. Just click into the colour panel, which is black by default.
* You can also load a suitable image (fitting to the resolution of the takes). Be aware of copyright issues unless you use images you have created yourself.
* The document for the background can also be a .mov document.
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Just in case others will come up with questions alike: set the Camera background Color to transparent and don't use "jpg" as file type in a video container.