Unfinished Christmas Film


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Unfortunately, I didn't get my Christmas film finished this year, although I really started in time. 😥 But there were just so many other things to do. I'll show you what I have so far anyway, who knows if it will ever get finished. I might rework a few scenes and I still have to do post-production. I haven't even finished the sound. I thought I could at least do that. I think I also underestimated it a bit, that every day of the film there are more and more characters to coordinate, especially to the music and the lyrics.
My boyfriend says the film is quite pretty, but boring and you don't understand anything, partly because you quickly lose interest. And so I probably lack the motivation to continue anyway, but of course I want an honest opinion, and that's what I get from him. Well, however - here's the film:

One reason why the Christmas film wasn't finished is that we did another projection show on the castle at the Christmas market. Actually I didn't want to do it again this year, but my boyfriend talked me into it.
Because there wasn't much time left (and besides, it's not paid) I just took the characters I already had: the gargoyle from last year and the ones from the Christmas film. Only the owl was new. (By the way, the worm was still cut off here, but that was hardly noticeable in the projection and I didn't care). Unfortunately, the film quality is very poor. Again, I couldn't manage to film the projection well.😭 But I think you can roughly imagine it. These are two separate projected films on the left and right of the castle, which ran in a loop to different music throughout the evening.
(I think almost nobody understood the "12 Days of Christmas", because the song is rather unknown in Germany. But that didn't matter to me either. The children liked it anyway :))

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 🎄
I liked what you have.

The problem for me was the song. Musically it's a terrible song.
It's more of a children's rhyme that's way to long and repetitive.

You did manage to entertain me through the whole thing though.
I'm glad that it entertained you nevertheless.
I have to say, I like this song very much. Maybe because I already liked it as a child and the lyrics are somehow a bit crazy. As for the musically ... well, you are talking to the most unmusical person in the world. 😆 But I think it also depends on the interpretation. This one, of course, is not quite as good. (It's just a guy, a primary school teacher, who sings a bit for kids on his YouTube channel). I think there are some very good interpretations on YouTube, but unfortunately I don't have the rights to use them.
(Incidentally, I don't think children's rhymes are bad in principle. I have a book with some that are so crazy and funny that I would love to make a film out of every single one.)

But I understand that you have a problem with the song and yes, you are right, it is a bit very long. I wish it was shorter myself, then it might have been finished. ;)

Thank you for your comment and have great remaining 10 of the 12 days of Christmas!
@Lydia, I agree that a more dynamic version of "The 12 Days of Christmas" would help tremendously (e.g. different voices, and broader dynamic range.) Here in the U.S., we tend to over-emphasize "five golden rings" and "a partridge in a pear tree" for humorous effect.

Your graphics and art of the various "gifts" are really good, and unexpected contrast with Marty character. And the interaction of the "gifts" is humorous.

I hope that you finish the project.
Thank you very much, jdmac and yes, a version of the song as you describe it would certainly be nice....