how to do fire effect in C3D


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Maybe this will help.

Image Load.jpg

Wow! Like WOW! I tried this, but couldn't get it to work? I wonder if my version of Chettah3D is too old? I have 6.3.2....


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This effect would be better with an alpha channel mask on
the mp4 for transparency but I'm too lazy to figure that out.

Anybody who knows how please join in.



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I missed this post back in October, when I also happened to be looking for a way to create fire (w/ transparent background) in Cheetah3D. I was scrambling to put together a video for Halloween (ended up many days late) and can't recall all I did to get the attached sample working...

I believe I based it on another example on the forum where someone used multiple fire images in one long image file... Anyhow, I'm not sure I did things the best way possible...

- I ended up getting some animated GIF's of fire. Then I edited them in GIMP to modify each frame to create one animated GIF with a White Background and using the same image set, created another with a Black Background - Then I converted the animated GIF's into .MP4 files and assigned the "Color" output of the Black Background .MP4 video to the "Emissive" input of the Material. Then assigned the "Val" output of the White Background .MP4 to the "Transparency" input of the same Material. Make sure to set videos to loop in the properties. I was in a great hurry and didn't have time to make things better, but you could use a longer fire video clip (higher resolution too and shaped better) so that the flames don't look so choppy.

See attached Cheetah3D Zipped project.
[NOTE, I had to delete the second larger fire example from the attached project and non-related texture image files to get the file size small enough to post on the forum]



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