A Character Section

I cast my one little newbie vote for a section on the forum dedicated to everything having to do with human characters.

My guess is that lots of folks would like to model, pose and animate human characters, but have been put off by the clunky nature of DAZ animation, the hopelessly arcane nerdy nature of Blender, the price of Poser, the limitations of Mixamo, the hyper price of Maya, Cinema 4D, and other pro level software etc. Been walking this trail for awhile now myself, not so fun.

I'm now far enough in to character animation in Cheetah to see how useful Cheetah can be for this purpose. But you wouldn't really know that by a casual first time visit to the forum because while there is useful information on the subject here, it's buried in bits and pieces in threads all over the place.

If there was a section of the forum dedicated to human modeling, posing and animation etc, it would be a lot easier for new visitors to get the message that Cheetah is useful for this purpose. As example, when I'm talking about my coming Cheetah animations on other sites, I could link directly to a single URL on the forum where all the human related tutorials and discussion are found.

You've got great human tools available here, but it would be easy for prospects to spend days on this site without ever realizing that. You've got the goods, but aren't really selling them. Great price, very competitive. Super generous free trial too. All the ducks are lined up in a row, except that you're not really talking about them.

Implementing this feature would take very little time. Create a new section on the forum, maybe hype it a bit on the home page, done.

A more ambitious plan would be to set up an additional sales site specifically for introducing the human manipulation features of Cheetah.

Even more ambitious, package the human manipulation tools already in Cheetah in a new piece of software dedicated for that purpose. Marry it to a dedicated sales site. Charge fifty bucks, something like that. Now when people are discussing Poser and Daz etc they could easily be talking about Cheetah too.

More bragging please! :)
I agree. I think there needs to be more dedicated rigging and character animation features. The rigging is a little too manual, but it works. Simple things like jiggle and tail movements are near impossible to do or set up convincingly in most cases.

Though I'm more into animals (dinosaurs) than human characters, most of the same principles apply.



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:rolleyes: @Felasco
* I suggest that you accumulate the currently widely spread bits and pieces on rigging (human and other creatures). You can then publish that as a summary under tutorials, preferably adding some didactic structure to the current disorder:
* Simple Rigging / Skeletons
* Morphs, Poses
* Inverse Kinematics and constraints
* whatever else

* There should be sufficient activity on such a topic to keep it on the 1st page of the tutorial forum for quite a while. If this is well received (which is obvious from the recorded views) you could suggest to Martin to turn this into a floating thread.

* I have done something simiolar with the thread Sripts: A quick guide (from January 2020). This was expanded / improved by others and it has some 3k hits by now, so it seems quite useful to numerous C3D users.