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My son has just eMailed me with the results of his search for a "cost friendly motion capture rig". He has directed me to

You will see that it's about a Blender based add-on system for PC only. The system in the video looks fantastic, until you look at the date and the feedback AND look up the references the vid maker gives for the hardware etc. It seems that Remington no longer make the goods, and even if they did, the continuous upgrading of Blender (now 2.8) has made sections of the video out of date.

I have advised him to keep looking, plus sent a string of expletives, re Apple's apparent hatred of high end CGI/3D Graphics professionals.

Remarks please.

frank beckmann

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I'm not holding you back. Just in case it exports bvh-files; there's a script for impoting thoses files.
Did you noticed the date of release btw?
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What I think Steven wants, is to be able to add motion tracking to 3D models incorporating a rig (aka the ultimate-human rig) but made in Blender, by having an 'actor' move in front of a camera (presumably without the inconvenience of having LEDs stuck all over him. He is a musician (the CGI videos he wants to make are for promotional purposes) and he also wants to be able to lip sync - all this on a "budget". Blender does enable add-ons, but I can't see the needed hardware coming cheap.
As far as HitFilm is concerned (I have HitFilm Express12, and FCPX), I think it is concerned with Mocha BorisFx object tracking in an already NLE film project, not the tracking in real time of a CGI figure - but as with everything concerned with Cheetah3D I could be terribly wrong:(
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I can't find any mention of mocap in the Hitfilm Pro 13 info, but I can't help but think the
new 3D tracking could somehow be used. 3D models and animations can be imported, and rendered.

Looks amazing but how compatible is it with Cheetah I wonder.