My first 3D animated short


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I just finished my first 3D short film, after I started learning 3D (modeling, animation…) 3,5 month before. There are still many flaws in it and the animation is a bit simple (especially the android), but I can’t do it much better at the moment. I hope, I will learn a lot more. The story is simple too, but it is mainly an exercise and I just wanted to see if I can make a film. It was a lot of fun anyway (and a lot of work and render time) and maybe you like it nevertheless.
(Everything is made by me, except the plants. They are form Free3D)



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Nice work, that's a great first short. 6 minutes is pretty long, I'm creating a music video
for a 4 minute song and it seem like forever. And I'm just doing video editing.

I love the bike. (y)


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For somebody as new in the world of 3d as you, this is awesome.

You know the flaws yourself, so I skip that. What I find remarkable is that you had the right ambition, just what you could do, no more, no less (beginners very often want too much in too short a time). You already have an own style, some funny ideas and get your story across nicely.

It's probably could have benefitted from a bit shortening, just a minor crit. I'm looking forward to your next one.


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Thank you Hasdrubal for your nice words. With the next film (if there is a next one) I hope to do a lot better and above all to plan better. This movie was created somehow without much planning and therefore probably too long.
(Sorry for my bad English. Google helps me, but I do not know if Google really understands what I mean. I hope you do.:))


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What a pleasant story!(y)

Just as I was very impressed with MMounteer’s animated short
I am very impressed with most of the same aspects of your short.

Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for your nice comments. That motivates me to go on and get better. Sometimes you need that, because there is a lot of time in it after all, that you have to forgo somewhere else. My boyfriend kept saying I should not sit around so much at the computer and go out more often instead. :geek: