Can I have multiple versions of Cheetah3D installed?

Hello, everyone.

I currently have an old version of Cheetah installed (v5.8.1).

Am I ok to download and install a demo of the latest version? I just wanted to make sure there were no issues I'd run into.


frank beckmann

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Sure - I have 37 betas and 11 additional installed :unsure: - not all of them are working of course because they expired.
(I highly recommend the latest because of the new feature set though)



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* If memory serves me right, the demo does not allow you to save .jas documents, be they new or edited old stuff. If that assumption is correct (and I hope that Frank or others will chime in) you can not really "corrupt" any existing models with a current trial version.
* C3D V5 is, of course, a bit medieval by now. Bear in mind that quite a bit of additional trickery needs to be researched and experimented with.
* I believe that Frank has an archive of old C3D versions for sundry testing purposes, so he should be able to help with any queries.