Moving scene information to other software packages

Hey all,

So I've been interested in expanding my 3D tool set in other software to access certain features that Cheetah does not have yet such as network rendering for more complex scenes. I'm pretty proficient in many aspects of the animation pipeline (rendering, rigging, modeling etc.) using Cheetah 3D. I'm wondering if there is an approach or method to exporting scene information from Cheetah 3D and opening it in software like Blender?

To give an example, if I were to build a mesh of a character and completely rig the character together using IK handles and splines in Cheetah, could I save that rig and open it with all the rigging features still in tact in other software or will I just have to rig a character together in a new package. The reason I'm asking is to save time since I have a rig I'm happy with in Cheetah 3D but I do not want to have to rebuild it since the vertex weighting in other programs is not as smooth on this particular mesh as it is in Cheetah 3D. I have tried to export with the various file extensions but with not much success.

I also think I lack an understanding on what the difference is between the file extensions available in Cheetah 3D such as .fbx, .obj, .dxf etc. so if someone could shed some light on that front, it would be appreciated.


Thanks for your reply Frank. I didn't know it was possible to bake IK in Cheetah 3D, that is such a cool feature. How does one an IK handle onto a skeleton? Also, is there any time estimate as to when, if ever, Cheetah's architecture will support network rendering?

Thanks again,