Frames per Second Modal Sheet Window


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* When animating I frequently switch the settings for "frames per second". This greatly simplifies keyframing as the recorded frames can snap nicely to integer / half / quarter seconds, ignoring the subdivisions of 1/30.
* I have defined a hotkey, alt+F for this purpose and type in the number (generally, 1 or 2 for recording or 30 to reverse to rendering standards / check the animation in the editor).

* For obscure reasons, the buttons in the FpS window (Cancel and OK) don´t respond to the normal keyboard equivalents (escape and CR / enter). Tabbing highlights the relevant buttons, but they do not react to keyboard input and produce a mildly annoyed beep. My answer is a more annoyed ƒÛç#, but that does not improve matters :unsure::mad:
* As it is, mousing to the OK button repeatedly in a complex session of fine tuning interrelated keyframes is mildly laborious :poop:

* This is just "trivial" operability and not functionality. Not important, but useful if this were just a simplish matter of editing a (presumed) call to the Mac OSX interface.

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