Velociraptor Rump Rig

How did you get the feet to not slide? That's something I always had a problem with. In Cinema4D I had a constraint that always kept the hips between the feet, so I literally just walked the dinosaur.


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That's because of the Tangent between foot down and foot up needs to be linear on two axis per Controller.
Y for up and down and Z for forward and back.

I do miss the old way they worked, but it was so long ago I can't even remember how. :confused:


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I added IK Handles to the wrists, and pole vectors to rotate the elbows.
I also gave him a different posture.

And still no animation on the upper body, it's driven by the hips.

Zoo, when you animated the folder to make it walk, how did you know how far to move the folder for the steps? I keep getting an ice skating motion when I do it!


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I made a Plane set to wireframe, like a ladder for reference, with the rungs spaced at the step distance.
Line the plane up with the foot targets and keyframe. Then move the correct number of rungs and keyframe again.
Then edit the tangents between foot down and foot up to linear.