Access Joint Orientation From Script


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I'm writing a custom animation exporter and have most of it working but the joint orientation is giving me trouble. Using the parameter info script, I can see the 'pivot' and 'rotorder' parameters, which I assume are the ones I care about.

The pivot parameter is supposed to be a Vec3D. Since it has no take nodes (which makes sense, since it shouldn't be animatable), how do I access the value of the parameter?

Also, if 'pivot' does not hold the joint orientation, what parameter does?


Reading through the scripting threads it looks like the 'prerot' and 'postrot' (and perhaps 'prefrot') parameters are actually what I need to look at. I still need to know how to actually access their values.
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Okay, I think I figured it out.

The documentation claims that base.getParameter( "name" ) has a return type of 'void', which to a C programmer means "does not have a return value". I was therefore using base.parameterWithName( "name" ).

Using getParameter instead I can access the value as expected. Now to see if that extra transform solves my animation problem.