Small Close-up for Eye Tests

Maybe you should mention, exactly what you're showing here. I. e. what you modeled yourself, what kind of texture you used (where is it coming from, what have you done), how the eyelashes are made, what software used and rendered in, and so on and so on ... People could appreciate more what you're doing (or not doing).
the Modell is Emely and was a part of a 3d Scan and give away for 3d Artist to try make same Results than
the original Human looks, the original was round about few years old and from this Source:

If you Search for digital Emily 3d scan you see Pictures from others like from me too.(Google Pictures)
I not post here the original Emily that I made with Cheetah3d V5/6 what io have posted is only
a part of it with Eye construction in phase 0,3.

The Mesh self is only be made compatible with Cheetah, the textures are from Project but can't handled
in Cheetah they are hole for real PBR materials that's why I converted them and scale them down.
As a Sample the original Scan texture is 90 MB the Normal map over 100 Mb all original Textures are round
about 600 MB and you can not handle such Files with Cheetah3d (Not on a normal Mac)

The Main problem on Original was converting the PBR textures in Size and Format to something that
can be used in Cheetah3d Node system. As you can see the Skin is not perfect normally a Skin have hair
and in this near shot you can see their is no hair, same with SSS or SSLT both are strongly needed for
making a skin texture that looks real.
Maybe in Cheetah3d V9 we have all to do that (not fake it) .

For the Eyes I try make a texture with a mask (not above) a eye is never is hard cute like above so I need to
build a texture with some masks but for now I found not the right way to mask a texture from one Poligon set into a texture
from a other polygon Selection every time a polygon selection it hard cut.

But I have Time ;-)

Hole picture above is pure Cheeta3d without any modification