How do I change object property values?


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I’m trying to write a script in Cheetah that will show how a beam of “light” will reflect off of two specifically positioned mirrors.

I have never scripted Cheetah before nor have I programmed in javascript. I do have some basic programming experience however. I have also been digging through the Help area of Cheetah, existing scripts and the forum.

I’m learning and making progress but I still need some help!!
I’m hoping some of you on the forum will be able to help me fill in some of the gaps.

I have created a simple model with two “mirrors” (thin rectangles) where a “beam of light” (a very long thin cylinder) reflects (is bent twice by two Bend modifiers) off of each mirror down to a surface (currently a Plane).

I have been doing some experimenting and now have a tool pane with UI elements in it working. Where I’m getting confused is how to reference objects in the scene and how to change specific properties. For example; I need to rotate one of my mirrors by changing the X Rotation value. Then I perform a trig calculation on that and change the “Angle” on the Bend modifier.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated !!