Newb conceptual help - zeroing object surface to the xz grid

Please correct me if I'm wrong. Is XZ is the name of plane shown by default as the "floor" grid when you open C3D for the first time? Anyway, whatever that grid is called, if I create a box object, for example, the visible (grid) cuts right through the halfway mark on that box. How do I make one of the parallel faces of the box precisely intersect or align with that plane? In other words, what position properties put the new box on the floor rather than half above and half below it? is this a default that can be set for appropriate objects?

frank beckmann

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Another method is to use the Transform panel position property with gadget mode (works with parametric objects as well): select the polygon/plane/surface in gadget mode you want to align to Y=0 and simply type in Position Y=0 - Done.

Thanks, uncle808us and frank. I think I can make that work. I wish there was an option to make a side's position zero by default. Thanks again.
OK, I was wrong, Frank, I don't understand how to use your suggestion. My position Y appears as -0.5, and I'm unable to edit it (it snaps back to -0.5 whenever the cursor leaves the field).
transform tool position Y.jpg
OK, thanks. So after performing this maneuver, how then can I reinitialize the orientation of the box so that its position Y will permanently be displayed as 0 rather than 0.5?
In this case you need either an editable mesh - then go Tools->Coord System->burn transform or add a transform-modifier and adjust the placement there.

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