Retro Vtwin with Manx Norton styled heads

Hello All,
After a long hiatus I am getting back into my old version of cheetah. I am illustrating something that has been going around in my head for many years. It is a 1960's motorcycle from my imagination. The heads and barrels are based loosely upon the Manx norton bevel singles of the late 50's. The V motor has been canted forward at an angle of 22 degrees - it is a very strange (unique) layout. I am doing the cast/machined parts in turbo cad but I intend to use cheetah for more organic parts - seat, fuel and oil tanks ... etc. I have used cheetah to do the mesh that sits in the scoops of the front brake - there is subtle wave to the wires that I thought would be easier to achieve in cheetah. Very early days yet but I am enjoying the process - will keep updating as more progress is made.



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Nice looking model. Thanks for posting it. Will be good to see how the project progresses. My brother started out working on motorcycles when he was a teen, but now he's a car mechanic.
Here is my first attempt at the kickstart lever. I like the circular arm but I may change the pivot mount and the clamp section. Kickstart rubber is modelled in cheetah - quick and easy but alignment is the problem. I need to work out angles and co-ords in cad then when the cad peices go into cheetah the alignment should be good.
Work on the front wheel and forks. The mesh in the forward facing brake scoop is Cheetah! So easy took about 5 minutes! Start with a cylinder, no top no bottom. Number of sections appropriate for the number of required holes - make mesh, then trim to an arc that fits in the scoop. Select the 8 polygons surrounding the mounting hole then invert selection. Inner extrude, without group preserving, to get an inner square (lots of) that bounds the hole size required. Delete the still selected polys. Shell then subdivide (or was it subdivide then shell?).

Cheers Paul

Some progress! The rear tyre I have created in c3d, I went through a number of iterations of trying to get what I wanted in my "owned" Turbocad and also in Solidworks. Now I am not saying that the tread pattern is not easily achievable in either of those but this c3d was a "first attempt" situation with little itteration! Although there are things that - to the perfectionist - don't look right, I like the outcome. What I need to do clear up the issues I don't understand at the moment, those that will match cd3 geometry with that that I do in cad!

Started to really like the tread -