Precise transform of the numbers (newbie)

I have made a box of 6 segments/polys (3x, 3y, 1,z).

My plan is to push the front center polygon in a bit. (Fig 1) ...which I've figured out how to do :)
Screenshot 2018-11-09 21.55.29.png

What I need to do next is to move the edges surrounding it to precise positions. (it's 80 units along I want the top edge of the bottom row of polys at 4, and the bottom edge of the top row at 78)...similar to this:
Screenshot 2018-11-09 22.01.13.png
But that was done by eyeballing it...I've yet to figure out how to do it precisely, hitting the exact positions I want.

I'm sure there's a tool for this, or a screen view, but so far, haven't found it.

Any advice on this would be appreciated.
Ok.. some digging in the forum and I figured out how to use the ruler tool to tell me where a point was, and then how to use Snap to Raster to move them the precise amount of space i wanted.
Screenshot 2018-11-09 23.31.09.png

So, now the question is...was there a better way to do this?


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* select edges
* activate area selection mode, visible + invisibles
* switch to frontal view
* draw a marquise to frame the top loop of the edges
* activate the transform tool
* enter the required positional value in the transform panel OR drag the transform gadget manually vertically upward until the required value shows in the panel

Screenshot 2018-11-10 at 07.17.36.png

* Hint:
* It would have been easier if you had executed the -ve extrude after fine-tuning the edges of the recess:
* loop select the upper "ring cut"
* transform